Three contempt:

• Love the family, love life, friendship, and despise all immoral feelings;  
• Love Bittel, love work, give more devotion, despise all lazy behavior;   
• Love the country, love the society, focus on the team, and despise all the phenomena of disharmony.

A spit:

•Speaking of being unfaithful to the company and not filthy to the parents.

Bittle work concept

• Mutual help, appreciation, sharing, blessing

Bittle work policy - four are not zero

• No waste, waste is zero
• No mistakes, zero errors
• No wrinkle, no skin
• No complaints, complaints are zero

Bittle advantage

• Design, production and unification of specialization and quality

Bittle operating strategy

•Specialized design, specialized production, franchise sales, and dedicated services

Bittle quality policy

•Adhere to advanced and stable products, and pursue better customer experience.

Bittle quality target - three zero

•Zero defect
• Zero maintenance
• Zero complaint

Bittle product strategy

• High professional

Bittle meaning of the logo

•Bittle,Special wisdom