UNOMedia 5 Series
UNOMedia 5 DECT Phone
Introduction:DECT Phone / Black Color

Bittel recently unveiled new generation multi-media device called UNOMedia 5, which combines the essential features & functions required by hotels such as Bluetooth, NFC, charging station, radio, alarm clock and hotel phone in ONE. UNOMedia 5 adopts high-grade aluminum alloy frame with elegant acrylic panel to keep consistency with hotels' concept & style. Premium loudspeaker with impressive subwoofer performance is definitely comparable with other mainstream speakers. Up to 7 charging ports(4 USB smart charging ports & 1 MFC cable ) can perfectly satisfy the charging demands for  iDevice, Android and other portable devices. UNOMedia 5 brings major changes to hotels.

Special Design

Main Features

● Support 1.8/1.9GHz, DECT6.0 standards. Also support WDCT standard. 

   Adopt HF numerical coding technology between Base and Handsets.

● 9 speed dial memory keys and 1 Message Waiting Light Button.
● Both the base unit and handset ringer, volume five-steps adjustable.  
● Default 600ms hook switch flash, adjustable and store.

● Redial the last number dialed and dialed number disappear within 5 minutes 

  (Special configurations optional to store the phone numbers).

● Hold current call in waiting mode. 
● Mute function: stop sending during calling if press mute. 

● Message waiting light compatible with main PBX, MWL indicator and

   withdraw feature.

● Alarm, Radio, Audio , power charge in one device.
● Power charge for portable devices such as iPod/iPhone and mobile. 
● Clock time adjust by special wireless timing cloner. 

Dimension: 208x182x84(mm)

Line cord: 2.0mm
Weight: 1480g
Color: Black, Silver
Working Voltage: 24V~60V
Power Adaptor : 7.5V 3A
Loudspeaker : Φ40 3W 4Ω inner magnetic, full frequency
Charging Current: the maximum for single device is 5V 1.6A, 
                            the maximum for two devices is 5V 3.2A
Rated Power: 20W
Standby Power: 0.35W
Radio Standard: FM
Quality Regulation System: ISO9001
Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS
Package (set/carton): 8Set/Carton
Carton Size: 460 x380x315(mm)