Raffles and Fairmont Hotels, Qatar Selected Bittel Jacob Jensen Hotel Phones

Recently, Raffles and Fairmont Hotels, Qatar selected 539 units Bittel Jacob Jensen IP20 hotel Phones.

JACOB JENSEN is the world leading designer for the hotel and home living products. From 2014, Bittel has partnered with Danish phone manufacturer Bell Xpress to bring its JACOB JENSEN telephone to hotels worldwide. The JACOB JENSEN by Bittel designer series emphasizes style and a small footprint and becomes the phone series of choice by design-conscious hotel brands around the world.

Raffles and Fairmont Hotels, Qatar will be the world’s largest collection of historic and iconic hotels. Symbolically intertwined with Qatar’s heritage, the Iconic Towers in Lusail are an architectural translation of Qatar’s national seal, representing the traditional scimitar swords. Raising gracefully from the podium level, the arched towers will host a luxurious five-star hotel with 361 rooms and suites to cater to discerning business travellers, a lavish six-star hotel with 132 suites to meet the needs of those seeking sophisticated luxury accommodation and 49 branded apartments to become home to permanent residents.

Raffles and Fairmont Hotels combine beautiful design and latest technology, for business and leisure. It makes the ideal venue for modern travellers by selecting Bittel products.

Raffles and Fairmont Hotels, Qatar selected Jacob Jensen hotel phones for all rooms due to its elegant trimline design and simple using ways. And emanates its high-end personalized fashion but easy using for guests' communication to match these unique hotels.

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